Use a real florist for mothers day!

Don’t be fooled or should we say “foiled” by these order grabbers. They charge you more money, you get less, they give us less and they sit behind a desk usually in another country.

1-800 flowers, Pro Flowers, Bloomnet, Just flowers, Frugal flowers, FTD, Teleflora, Flowershop network, Proplants,…you name it, they go by many names and they are nothing but MIDDLEMEN!

 Find a REAL Florist;  Living Arts Exquisite Floral Designs.

We are a Brick and Mortar business you can rely on! we have no hidden costs!! You can walk in our store and pick whatever beautiful flowers you want! Tired of getting flowers for inexpensive and cheap is what you send or get? Know and be educated,

Order from a Real Florist!

We are a full-service florist who specializes in
custom design and detailed customer care.

We would love to have a chance to meet with you and discuss any of your Wedding or Special Occasion Floral needs.

Please give us a call at 303-823-6733Email us , or visit us on Facebook.

Our physical address is 324 Main Street, Lyons Colorado, 80540.

3 comments to USE A REAL FLORIST for Mothers Day!!!

  • okay, great, but how do I continue my large out going floral business without teleflora, who I hate, but don’t want to do all the bookeeping myself, don’t want to give out my credit card number, and don’t want to give it away as a courtesy??? suggestions and solutions?

    • Living Arts Floral Designs

      Well I certainly understand your concern if you have a large outgoing volume. telefora and Ftd are not as bad as others like 1-800 etc. but I quit using them because of all the hidden charges and larger cuts. But Im in a smaller town too. I do florist to florist direct transfer orders and ask for the 20/80 split. 60-70% do this, and I give them our company card and then charge my cutomer for my time, like a relay charge. I have had to call more than one florist to get the 20/80 split. I have also just told the customer to call a florist directly that we do not handle these orders, but tell them to make sure it is an actual real florist. I tell them to ask them if you can come into the store and choose. Because some say yes they until you ask to come in.
      If your leary about using a credit card ( which BTW) I have never had any issues about, I guess I may stay put as you are for now. Flower Shop Network worked better for me I used them for 3 years. I paid 199.00 a year in 3 payments; this enables you a better profit and more hassle free, however I didnt get enough incoming orders to justify this, so I cancelled.
      Again Im in a small town, so if I had more volume this may have worked better. Good luck, I would just like to see the day when we are again, running the show.

    • Living Arts Floral Designs

      you may not want to share your CC info but florist to florist direct transfers I think are still the best way to go. I call around to get the 80/20 split and get to talk directly with the person filling my orders. It is a good reflection on your business to have a great florist filling orders for your customers! flowershopnetwork is another option for you.

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